Need to doooooo something.

I’ve got restless feet. Needing a change. Needing something new. Boredom sucks.

I’ve never had DMs and I would like some cool ones like these, please.

Baggy jumpers and tights are the ultimate COMFORT clothing. And colourful/interesting tights are the best.

I like baggy shirts.

So yeah, I’ve got no complaints about school holidays…until I realise a week has gone by and, really, I’ve done nothing. Except rediscover The Temper Trap. OMNOMNOM…LOVE THIS:

I beg to differ if this is not the best 6 minutes of your day.

Now then, I just wanna get some money, go shopping, get some new clothes, get some boots, go out, see people, have a decent night, party, feel pretty, THEN I’ll be happy/happier.


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