How I’m always reminded that I love you:

Today was a pretty wierd day. First day of the holidays, a Monday (bleh in itself…), slept through my alarm, did ‘work’ all day (a.k.a. facebooked), thought (a bit)…

But, although I didn’t see you at all today, I realised that saying ‘everything I do reminds me of you’ isn’t a lie. And it made me remember how much I love you, how much I always love you. Soppy? Yes. But I’m carrying on… 🙂

– OK, this probably DOES sound lame…but even the fact that I overslept made me wish that instead of my because-you’ve-slept-in-and-it’s-now-11-am-so-I’m-full-of-cold-water ‘hot’ water bottle, I had your arms wrapped around me keeping me warm. I’d give the world to wake up like that every morning of my life 🙂

– So I walk upstairs for breakfast. Decided not to have any because lunch is kinda only an hour away. Then I think of the yummy breakfasts your mum does for us on Sunday mornings. And of how, when we have a home together, we’ll have lazy mornings and breakfast in bed sometimes and not worry about what time of day it is.

– And then Dad left for Up North for another week. It was kinda nice actually getting to say goodbye to him – usually I’m at school and I don’t get a good hug or anything like that. And yes, although it’s really kinda wierd for me to see my parents saying goodbye to each other, it’s just a reminder that love lasts a lifetime. But we won’t be like that. We’ll be better 😀

– Afternoon? Yeah, that was just boring. Would’ve been a million times better spent at your house, with you, somewhere…

– And then Defensive Driving. HAHAHAHAHA! What a JOKE. I wish you could have been with me so we could have laughed at how funny the whole goddam situation was, and how typical it was that the Indian woman instructor was a Mrs Patel and completely incomprehendable. Ahhh, bleh bleh…I wish you could be everywhere I am.

That’s pretty much it. Oh, except for how I’m talking to Lu about you right now. Hehehe, I’m making plans… 😉


Now for hot-water bottle bed-time.


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