Good forms of procrastination.

3 weeks of holidays. 1000 assignments. Old procrastination methods getting…well…old? Need some new inspiration? Here’s what I do:

– Admittedly, I haven’t got round to doing this yet, but an obvious, and pretty legit way of being ‘too busy to work’ is to have a good old rearrangement of your room. I think I might do this tomorrow…Blakie’s already done it < clickclickclick! (so it miiiiiight be considered copying if I do it now…) But hey, who can possibly work in an untidy room eh? 😛

– Doing ‘easy’ homework. Bear with me on this one…I know it might not sound like procrastination, what with it involving the word ‘work’ (ugh, *dies inside*) But come on, what would you rather do? Write a 4000 word essay/1500 word essay (your choice) OR, write 100 words about how much you enjoyed taking part in the school production of Joseph last week. Yeah, though so 🙂

– Now, facebook. If the title of this post wasn’t ‘GOOD’ forms of procrastination, this could be a point by itself. But no, facebook is, undeniably, great in some ways. But when you have 972 friends from whom you receive the most bizarre ‘Become a fan’ requests and ‘Event invitations’ from, I think it’s time to cut down. Got it down to 600-odd today…maybe delete a few more over the course of the holidays, maybe soon my facebook ‘friends’ will be exactly that and NOT randoms I happened to meet once at a party some time…

– Remaining on the facebook theme – status updates. It’s always a nice little mental challenge thinking up witty, interesting and grammatically correct statuses in an attempt to entertain those in your social network. And of course, even more time is wasted checking out who/how many likes and comments you get on it…DOUBLE score!

– We all need music to ‘study’ to…therefore an organisation of the iPod and iTunes is in order. Time to delete all those one hit…wait, they’re not even ‘wonders’…they’re just one-off products of GarageBand and ‘hip’ white trash rappin’. And then of course, you need to replace them with some decent tunes. Today’s mood took me to Queen and DMB – maaaaaaaan there’s some good stuff there. Makes me slightly embarrassed realising their absence from my iPod prior to today’s downloading sesh…

YouTube‘s a good place to go to too. LOVE videos like the one I posted in my last post – the annotations of the track-listings meant I spent literally alllllll afternoon killing time on some sweet tunes.

– Now, I’m definitely not a gamer, but as I’m doing my Defensive Driving Course these holidays, I have to do this driving simulator thing on the computer. Not the most exciting of computer animations I’ve ever seen, but having a Maori woman shout abuse at you for ‘clicking all over the screen!’ made me laugh. As did the groovy little guy with the cap who I’m supposed to believe is my instructor for the ‘Risk Management’ part of the course. Yeah, no. I’ve got nothing against Indians, but I’m pretty sure they’re the ones that own the AA, not the just-graduated fresh-faced Kiwi guys. Unfortunately.

– And, finally, I guess sorting out your future is a pretty useful thing to be doing right now. Yeah I know, I shouldn’t be procrastinating if I want to have any form of a future…but seeing as there’s nothing I reeeally want to do, I had a think about it. Ended up coming to the conclusion that, despite having alllllways said I didn’t want to go into music professionally, I asked myself, why not? Basically, I can’t take the time off of school work to put the effort into my violin that I need to in order to be good enough, but I need to be better at it than I am if I’ve any chance of using it in my future career. SO. I’ve sort of decided. I’m gonna talk to my violin teacher, see how she got into APO and everything, get some inspiration, get playing! Could always do a conjoint media and communications/music degree to start with? I dunno…we’ll see how this year goes.

And I’ll leave you with this…



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