People who make your day without even knowing it.

“You remind me of an old married Panda couple.”

EEEEEEEEEE omgomgomg 😀 Perfect.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy again 🙂


I think I’m the tiredest I’ve ever been, I don’t know how I drove home today in one piece, I have zero focus – especially in class, like maths, which is baaaaaaad…I have no idea what we ‘learnt’ today, my eyes aren’t staying open, but they kinda have to because I’ve GOT to do this bloody write-up by tomorrow 😦 , bleh bleh blehhhhh…I wanna go on holiday and forget about school. Grrrggghhrjngkdjgkn.

PS. You’re cute. And I’m lucky. Let’s escape.


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