This time, last week.

Ooopsies…kinda been over a week since I last posted.. I think all that procrastination I was doing kinda caught up with me and I realised there’s certain things you can’t put off forever. But hey, OMG WE HAD THE BALL LAST WEEKEND 😀 As I said last Saturday night, it was the most perfect night of my life 🙂 You, of course, and the main reason why…but the things your mum did for me too…making me actually feel special and feeling like I actually looked good – ahhh, I can never thank her enough. And as for YOU looking fly…’Best Dressed Male Award’? You? I think so 😀 Hehehe, we looked gooood baby 🙂

And the ball in general was just heaps better than last year! If you subtract the few immature year 12s and odd year 13s who seemed to think it’d be cool to get absolutely wasted on any feasible illegal drug means and consequently look like trash the entire night, then in fact the venue, the food, the people we sat with, the photos…they were all great 🙂 Music could have done with a some improvements – I mean, except for the couple of Queen songs and of course the classic Aerosmith slow dance, there was a lot left to desire for. People tend to like to dance to GOOD music – which is certainly NOT Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Lady Gaga and then fucking Miley Cyrus ‘Party in my Slutty Short Shorts’. Where was ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’?

Anyway, all complaints aside…it honestly was one of the best nights out of my life 🙂 (I say ‘one of’ because I do kinda like the nights out we have when it’s just us two…of course 😛 ) And afterwards was awesome too. That thing I said a couple of posts ago and preferring guys to girls…I think Saturday night/Sunday morning kinda proved that. Your friends are actually the best. I love them because they’re a part of you, but also because they’re such cool, funny, genuinely nice people. Like you of course…guess that’s why you’re all friends 🙂 But yeah, you’re lucky.

Now, I would include one of the pro photos from the ball but seeing as they’re all print-screened straight off the website and have PROOF plastered all over them, I figure I’ll wait til the actually legit versions come through and then post those. For now, there’s this – best moment of the night? Hehehe, I think so 🙂


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