MAKE ME FAMOUS. Then I’ll bitch.

I joke, I joke.

JOKES! Pleeeeeeeeeeease? It’d be like, AM-AAAAAZ-ING 😀 (to make a living out of writing). Although, OK…I’m not stupid and I know stuff doesn’t happen overnight… But umm, this mega increase in views kinda did…

Ooooh, this makes me happy 🙂

Annnnd what else makes me happy? Having fucking awesome bitching sessions to whoever’ll listen. Hehehe, it’s kinda evil but it solves one of the problems I ranted about last night. Oooh, I do love delighting in others misfortunes – how unfortunate that her misfortune is the person she was born as… Hahahaha, wanker-face 😛


BALL IS IN ONE DAY! And omgomgOMG I’m SO excited!!! It’s gonna be the perrrrrfect night with youuuuuuu 😀

TOK essay isn’t due ’til Monday. This is kinda good, kinda bad. Good – I didn’t have to murder myself doing it tonight at 3am. Bad – means either Sunday’s gonna be TOK day or I’ll end up not doing it for Monday and getting to the last day of term when the final essay’s due WITH NOTHING. I hope to God this doesn’t happen…although with my hopelessness I wouldn’t be suprised…


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