I want –

to buy some nice socks. Winter ones: long ones, woolly ones, fluffy ones, toe ones, fun ones.

to look pretty without having to try.

to grow up (in the sense of getting older) but to stay young (in the sense that I won’t forget the important things).

to be able to relax and be summery.

to finish school.

to have Christmas. In the Northern hemisphere, Christmas = cold, which = now. Silly country.

to get a proper nice camera.

to choose a house to live in later, with you.

for this house to have big window seats in each room, and a beautiful garden, and an open fire.

to be less of a procrastinator and make better use of my time.

to escape reality.

to find a good book to read.

to have a bath by candlelight.

to have time to get better at playing my violin.

to buy a flight home and back, just to spend a day with you.

to have a job being a waitress in a cute little cafe.

to be able to sleep with you every night.

to live in a busy city with you, at some point in my life.

to have a duvet day.

to fix my car so I’m not worried it’s going to collapse every time I drive it.

to write my own music, and for it to sound amazing.

to be able to afford to treat you to something you truly deserve.

to be more pro-active.

to bake little cakes that taste and yummy as they look.

to learn to understand people better.

to have a big bed with a squishy mattress and loads of soft pillows.

to make a wall-sized memory/photo collage.

to aim for something.

to go op-shopping, and find cute scarves and jackets and dresses and tights to wear.

to get some cute ankle boots.

to get a Yorkshire Terrier puppy – they’re ADORABLE 😀


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