Je m’en fou. Le français, pah – c’est des conneries. Et tel que les autres examens…alors… Les mathematiques aujourd’hui? Franchement, c’etait impossible. Je ne comprends pas comment ils s’attendaient à le faire. Quoi de plus, celles-ci ne comptent pas vraiment pour beaucoup – ça ne vaut pas le coup de foutter un chat pour ça. Ça me fait chier, mais zut alors! Nous avons faire le pont ce weekend 😀 Un peu de temps pour se détendre j’espère. Meh. Je se geler les miches. Et je suis fatigué. Bon nuit.

So, IF you understood any of that (which is probably a long shot), I found two websites – one with some useful French expletives, and the other with over a hundred different idiomatic expressions. Thought it’d be a bit of fun seeing as my last French post was…oh wait…like my second post ever? Haha, oh well. MY translation of the above blurb is below… (Obviously this is probably pretty wrong. Visions of French people murdering frogs because of my abominal French…hahaha 🙂 )

I don’t give a fuck. French, pah – it’s bullshit. And as for the other exams…well… Maths today? Frankly, it was impossible. I don’t understand how they expect us to do it. What’s more, they don’t really count for much. It pisses me off, but shucks! We have a long weekend this weekend 😀 A bit of time to relax I hope. Meh. I’m cold. (literal translation: I’m freezing the balls off a brass monkey. LOLWTF?!) And I’m tired. Good night.


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