Why? Ahh yup…school? Haha, LOLWTF. It’s so shit. So SO ridiculous right now. That 4000 word essay I mentioned a while ago? Pssht, yeeeah well…got up to 1081 tonight. A month and a bit later? That is how totally buggered I am with this thing.

But ANYWAY. I guess we have to find positives in life when everything’s seemingly shitty, so mine (and probably the entire rest of the year’s) is of course The BALL!!!! 😀 I’m so excited – last weekend, bought the PERFECT dress and found the exact tie colour-match for Blakie 🙂 Just needa get some shoesies and sort out the little deets and we’re ready to go!!! I’m just so glad I get to go with you…it wouldn’t be worth it otherwise. You and me, final year ball, cute? I think so 😀

Annnnnnnnd, un petit chanson – Midnight Youth = NZ music. Like them a lot, but this has to be their best. Adorable 🙂

Just a little post so you know I’m still here (and to put off adding to the 1081 😛 ) but I reeeeeally must sleep!

And so should you, gorgeous thing ♥


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