a) I’m doing this rather than the shitload of ‘real’ work I have to do
          b) I excessively tired, should be sleeping.
          c) I’m just generally failing.

What I want:

– You. Forever. Which I’ve got.
– You too, best friend. Two years without one is a crime.
– To not have to work for my money
– To have motivation/reason to bother trying
– Holidays everyday. It’s healthy to be happy. I’m happy without school. So simple, cut it.
– Real freedom.

What is annoying me massively at the moment:

– Teachers. Thinking IB = THE GREATER GOOD. No. It’s evil. It’s a killer.
– Work. School work. Every night? Fuck off. The best work is produced when you have your own time frame in which to do it. Don’t make me do it in one night. Or I won’t.
– “Talk to me about why you’re not working as hard as you used to.” No. You talk to me about why the fuck you’re being such a dickhead with your ‘new education ideas’. Ehh, fuck you. Do you remember what a life is?

Let them be happy. Don’t break their dreams. Because that would break their hearts.
Love conquers all.


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