Pretty muchhhh.

18 IN 3 DAYS! So, got me thinking…

I don’t know what I want to doooooooooooooo 😦

Let’s do a bit of planning:

Career possibilities

Criminal psychologist – uses psych, interesting, a bit too office job-ish
Journalist – I was set on being one for ages then thought it’d be too hard, but maybe not… Print journalist probs, I talk too fast for radio
Musician – I don’t think I’m good enough, and the money would be crap. I’d love to make a career out of it somehow though…


University of Victoria, Wellington – good for criminology, at least I’d be able to move out of home
University of Auckland – does criminology too, and pretty much journalism and the rest…probs cheaper, wouldn’t have to find accommodation
Otago – I like their TV ads. That would be all 🙂

If it turns out that NZ is not where I’m ending up, then quite frankly, I’m a lost cause. I’d love to study in Cardiff or somewhere back home but the fees (parents faint at the very thought) and also it’s another unneccessary huge move and change of location.


So, asap…bff and I (when money and time allows…I hope for next year, but it’s unlikely I guess…) She’s gonna come to NZ, do a bit of exploration (South Island…I haven’t even been there yet), then I have to go to Cananda…SNOW! Et le ski! Having lived in New Zealand for nearly 2 years I still haven’t tried it.

Other travel destinations:
– New York (just because)
– Brazil
– Madagascar
– Rome
– Paris (again please 🙂 )
– Greece (yes, again again…)
– Egypt
– Australia

And I guess before I get anywhere, I have to achieve some form of IB score, and judging by my calculations…

Lit – 7
Music – 6
Psychology – 6
Maths – 5
Ecosystems – 5
French – 4
+ 2 bonus points(?)

= 35.
Would be nice to make it an even number (so 36 as opposed to 34, duh) but hey, it all basically depends on how much more my brain and body can take of this LISDO4574MXML4£$%SF@ALSDJL,ZDMF,ASN,MZXA!£%SRNI3UY4KSD.

FAIL. ^ Stupid blog thought my mad keyboard scramble was a link. Ummm, no…


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