Starting again AGAIN…

OK so, the other day I came across a blog I once made when I was obviously in a VERY emo state-of-mind – the ‘blog’ (if it can be called that) consisted of one page of rants of all the crap and bad stuff I could possibly think of at the time, and that was it. Not positive stuff, just a rant belonging to a typically confused ‘teenager’. Yeah, didn’t make me look to great, so I’ve deleted that…and thought I’d start anew 🙂

My boyfriend and I were discussing how we used to have diaries back in the day when it wasn’t usual to spend every evening in bed with your laptop (doing work, of course…) I even unearthed my pile of 7 or so diaries spanning from 2006-2008…memories did come flooding back I must say. But, rather than using ‘lack of time’ as the excuse for not writing down things for me to reminisce over later in life, I thought I’d use the more practical tool of THIS 🙂 The only other two blogs I have are for school work (yum) so this can be my bit of release 🙂 Plus, in francais at the mo we’re doing about blogging. So maybe the odd post in french? Haha, we’ll see 🙂

Ooh, and quickly before I get back to doing some CAS reflections (pronounce in a french accent – réflexion – for effect…) I’ll just explain the panda reference. Well, to put it simply
a) they’re cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
b) of course they need hugs – they’re the most huggable things on the planet 😀
c) apparently I look like a panda. I don’t know…I don’t see it myself (unless it’s my mascara-black eyes?) haha, or maybe I’m cuddly too 🙂 The boyfriend thinks so…
d) we watched this video in class the other day and it completely cracked me up:

So yup, maybe that clears up a few things. But now is HOMEWORK time. My favourite. Might go and sit on facebook for another hour…


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